Cultured meat mosameat and meatable

The race towards commercially available cultured meat accelerated in September with some exciting announcements from Dutch based companies Meatable and MosaMeat. A development we highly encourage, and therefore we highlight two deals in our (new) series called ‘scale-up deal of the month’.


First of all, Dutch food company Meatable published a Joint Development Agreement with DSM. This news was published shortly before DSM announced they will focus on health, food and nutrition, shifting away from its materials business. DSM Ventures previously participated in the $47m investment round closed earlier this year.


Secondly, MosaMeat, famous for presenting the first cultured meat hamburger in 2013, later this month made headlines by announcing world renowned actor and philanthrope Leonardo DiCaprio joined the company as an investor and advisory board member for an undisclosed amount. DiCaprio is another high profile investor joining the likes of Jitse Groen and Sergey Brin, who previously invested in MosaMeat. Besides his investment in MosaMeat, DiCaprio also invested in Israel based cultured meat company Aleph Farms.

These deals stand out to us especially as MosaMeat was an early stage client of the PNO Group and DSM has been a long time client for which PNO delivered Strategic Innovation Services and Grant services.


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