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Do you want to get your company or project funded by ROM NH (Regional Development Agency North Holland)? Although the ROM NH’s mandate and fund application process are to be settled we know from experience with other regional development agencies that commitment of other lead private/public funders for at least 50% of the capital required needs to be in place.

Moreover, cofunding by the ROM is capped at €5 million. A well-structured business plan is to be provided demonstrating the consistency between your product/service, market, team and financials.

As a corporate finance boutique INNFLOW is specialized in raising capital for technology-driven propositions in the early growth and growth-to-maturity phase. We connect financial expertise with sector and grant specific knowledge within the PNO Group to realise well-coordinated total funding for your company or project, so it has an optimal blend between public & private sources. We offer you access to our network with funders, we make your proposition investor-ready and bankable and we guide you in making the financial deal.

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