DEI+ grant 2021:

arrange private finance on time for your project (to get this grant)!

When applying for the Demonstration Energy and Climate Innovation subsidy scheme (DEI+ 2021), the bar is set high not only to substantiate that your innovation project leads to significant energy savings or CO2 reduction, but also to proof your project is fully financeable. INNFLOW’s corporate finance consultants will advise you about your opportunities.

Criteria for the DEI+ grant

The amount of the subsidy contribution is usually between 25% and 50% of the costs (for SMEs and research institutions this can be more). The grant amount usually does not cover the full project costs. The applicant is responsible for financing the remaining part, also known as Own Contribution. When assessing a subsidy application RVO checks whether the applicant can finance his own contribution. RVO rejects an application if there is insufficient confidence that the applicant can finance the project. At time of the application, you need to demonstrate how this residual financing is going to be arranged.


Prepare a solid financing plan

Certainly in case you do not have sufficient financial resources or income to finance the project, but also need a loan or equity, extra attention is needed in preparing a robust financing plan. In addition to the financing plan, definitive commitments from co-funders are required with the application, for example through a loan or shareholder agreement. Will the installations continue to operate after the project has ended? Then you must enclose an operating budget with insight into the project yield and the payback period.


Deadline for DEI+ application

DEI+ 2021 can be applied for throughout the entire year until January 7, 2022 (5 p.m.). Please note: the subsidies are distributed in order of receipt, and for as long as the subsidy budget lasts. The DEI budget in 2021 amounts to a total of 126 million euro. Already for 81 million euro applications have already take place. In case all these applications would be approved there is 45 million euro left for new applications.


Interested? We are happy to help you with arranging cofunding and prepare the financing plan!

Do you need a lender and / or investor to obtain full financing for a pilot or demonstration project next to DEI+ that focuses on making your company more energy efficient, on CO2 reduction or sustainable energy? INNFLOW’s corporate finance consultants will explore with you whether there are opportunities for co-financing, help with drawing up the financing plan and operating budget, as well as arranging the co-financing until financial close. In collaboration with our EGEN subsidy consultants, we are happy to arrange total funding for your project. Starting on time ​​is key because application requires substantial preparations. So don’t wait and submit your plans as soon as possible!

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